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Ducati Rentals

Why should you rent a Ducati?

To give yourself a present. To live a new experience. For a special week-end out of town.
Because every biker should drive one, once in his life.

What do you need?

A valid driving licence. Your credit card. Your brain! We’ll take care of the rest.

The next question is: WHY NOT?

Group 1: Scrambler 800.

Group 2: Monster, Multistrada V2 S*, Desert X.

Group 3: Multistrada V4 S*, Diavel V4.

*side panniers 50 €/rentals (not guaranteed, only on advance booking).

Nota bene: la disponibilità dei modelli varia durante l’anno.

 1 day  Week end  4 days km price  Non deduct.
 Group 1  € 90.-  € 230.-  € 320.-  € 0,25  € 1.500.-
 Group 2  € 110.-  € 285.-  € 390.-  € 0,30  € 2.000.-
 Group 3  € 140.-  € 360.-  € 505.-  € 0,35  € 3.000.-

Pre-paid 100 km package (max 1 per rental day):

€ 20.- per moto Group 1 e 2

€ 30.- per moto Group 3 and Desert X

° A valid driving license is required to rent our vehicles.

° The security deposit must be left Il deposito cauzionale deve essere lasciato esclusivamente con carta di credito.

° The rental involves the advance payment of the fixed fee, and the extras (es. kilometers cleaning, petrol) on return.

° The day is 24 hours, after which you have to pay one more day.

° Helmet € 10.- per day

° Second pilot option, with the extention of all insurance guarantees for the duration of the entire rental € 15.-

° The loss of the vehicle papers will cause the charge of € 350.- for administrative expenses.

° The weekend rate includes the exit on Saturday morning before 12:00 and the return on Monday afternoon before 17:00. Otherwise, the 3 days rate must be paid.

° The motorbikes are covered by third part liability, theft and fire insurance: the customer is only charged with the excessequal to the security deposit + VAT, except for malicious behaviour or gross negligence.

° The bikes are rented clean and full of petrol; in these conditions they must be returned. Cleaning fee € 35.- and fuel top-up fee € 5.- (in addition to the cost of fuel).

For different needs or particular situations we are willing to offer special solutions, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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